How to Pay Dstv, Gotv Subscription with FlashMeCash

Are you looking for how to pay for your DStv and GOtv Subscription Online? This article will be focusing on  how to use FlashMeCash online platform to pay Dstv and Gotv Subscribtion.


Flashmecash is an online portal which provides you with an easy way to make transactions, with the aid of an internet – enabled device. The platform allows you to perform the following transaction;
  1. Make Funds Transfer.
  2. Pay for subscriptions like DStv, GOtv
  3. Send Bulk SMS.
  4. Purchase Recharge gards.
  5. Pay Electricity bills.

How To Pay Dstv, Gotv Subscription

If you want to make payment for your Dstv or flashmecash gotv recharge decoder, you need to have the following requirements;
  • Your mobile phone number, 
  • Smart Card number (IUC Number for GoTV users), 
  • Card PIN from the scratch card you purchased handy.
  1. If You have the above rquirements just log on to 
  2. Click on DStv / Gotv on the general menu
  3. The site will load to the “Wallet Portal” and you will be required to provide information to make payment such as your mobile number, Smart Card Number for Dstv users and IUC Number for Gotv users and your Card PIN from the Scratch card you purchased
  4. Confirm the information your provided and click on “Confirm”
  5. Your details will be verified and your subscription will be activated.

How To Pay DSTV / GoTV Subscription Through SMS Codes

You can pay for your Cable TV subscription through SMS by following the steps below.

Type (dstv) (decoder no) (scratch card secret pin) (scratch card secret pin) (decoder no)

For Example DSTV 2012122227262 2500 1234

Send the message to any of the following lines: 08034552412, 08037799999, 08036699999

For any inquires or complaints you can contact Flashmecash help desk

Telephone: 01279800

How To Make Payment With FlashmeCash Mobile App

You can easily carry out payment transactions by downloading and using the FlashmeCash Mobile App.

Log onto their website at
At the General Tab, Click on “Mobile App Download” and download the app.
You will be required to enter your phone number and then choose your device on the next page.
Then click on where you want to download the app. If you want to download to your mobile device, click download to phone. If you choose to download to your computer, click download to PC, Your download will start immediately, after download you can launch and use the app.

How To Check Your FlashMeCash Balance

If you want to check your flashmecash account balance

Type mBal Password

For example: mBal 0000

Send the message to any of the following lines: 08034552412, 08037799999, 08036699999

How to change your FlashmeCash password

Type pass old password new password

For example: pass 0000 1234

Send the message to any of the numbers above.

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