10 Most Common Android Problems With Their Solutions

No one likes a faulty smartphone. When you keep your whole life (more or less) on a device, you need that gadget to always function properly. Unfortunately, bugs, crashes, and other issues are inevitable, especially as your phone gets older.

The good news is many of the most common issues have relatively simple fixes you can perform yourself. The bad news is that this will not always be the case. If these solutions don’t do the trick, we’re sad to tell you that you might have to take your handset to a professional repair shop, or (gasp) upgrade to a newer model.

Android is reliable, stable, and resistant to malware, but it's not perfect. When problems arise, you can fix most issues with a few simple Android troubleshooting tips.

This guide covers common Android phone mobile problems and easy solutions for them. Note that depending on your phone and Android version, these steps might vary slightly for you.

1.Battery Drain

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Battery drain is one of the most popular problems in android mobile. Almost every 5th Android user face battery drain problem in the Android smartphone. There are many reasons behind the battery drain issue.

How to solve Battery Drain problem on Android

One of the best ways to solving this problem is enabling battery saving modeand decrease your android phone brightness.

You Can Use DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge to resolve the problem of battery drain. Moreover, DU Battery Saver helps you to charge your battery fast by eliminating the apps running in the background of your Android device.

Open your settings menu, click on the location and enable battery saving mode. Always use low brightness on android phone.

2. Freeze Android Phone and Slow Speed

Slow speed is one of the major problems in Android mobile. We are getting slow speed because we install lots of unused android apps, open many android apps at same time.

How to solve slow speed Android phones problems

  • You need to uninstall unused apps, Delete Big files from Memory Card.
  • Download Clean Master for Android Mobile.

  • Clean Master can do all the listed things it can make you uninstall an unused app and can help you clear Big files from Memory card. Moreover, it can also clear Phone junk files using this

    3. Wifi not Connecting

    WiFi not connecting is another major problem on Android devices, so we will also tackle it along.
    Sometimes you want to connect with someone wifi and it's not connecting, this is how you can solve it.

    How to solve wifi not connecting problem on Android

    Several times you connect your android phone to wifi and you might be facing a problem in getting the signal or not connecting. Solutions to this problem are very simple to Restart your android phone or enable airplane mode in an android phone at least 1 minutes. Try again with your android phone for wifi...

    WiFi Disconnects Frequently problems

    Well, we always set do download some apps or games at night and whenever our Android went into sleep mode. WiFi automatically stops which interrupts the downloading process. To sort out these problems, you can open Settings > WiFi > Advanced > and then select “Keep WiFi on During Sleep” to “Always.”

    4. Forget the Android Unlock Pattern

    It always awful to forget ones password or pattern, because without it you can't use the phone so unlocking your phone. So we will show you the best password and pattern for your phone.

    How to solve Forget Pattern on Android Devices

    If you forget the pattern of your Android phone, you can’t do anything on your android mobile. Many users who set complex passwords combination, quickly forget the password of his/her android phone. In later message i will post two methods for bypass/unlock android pattern. If you don’t know how you bypass android pattern lock follow our previous guides. Read more on How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock

    5. Unfortunately Keyboard Stopped error

    Sometimes we might experience some issues on our phones keyboard that we could not type with it for the main time, or after some time. All this can be experienced by all Android users So we will be fixing it tonight.

    How to Solve Keyboard Unfortunately Stopped Errors on Android

    Android default keyboard many times stuck on Android Phone. If you are facing such problems, the pleasant way to solve it by reducing the load on the phone by deleting files or moving files. 

    If your keyboard is taking too long to respond or stopped responding, then I recommend you to download Google Keyboard it is one of the most popular Google keyboard apps. You canmake it as your default Keyboard app and can enhance your typing experience too.

    6.Your Phone can’t connect to Your PC(For
    transferring data)

    If you are finding it difficult for you to connect your phone with your laptop and you think it an issue you have to deal with, here is the perfect solution for that.

    how to solve Android Unable to Connect with Pc problems

    If you use laptop or wifi network, so you can try Air Droid app for wirelessly transfer data to the Android phone. Airdroid is one of the best apps for transfer data in Pc to mobile and mobile to PC. Sometimes your USB orUSB port in PC doesn’t support each other that’s why you face these type of problem.

    7. Google Play Errors

    Google play store can give loading errors sometimes when you are trying to download an important game or Application, so if you are in this situation how can you get Reid of such issues. Now this article will teach you how you can do that. 

    how to solve Google play store Error on your Android phone

    Google play is the main hub for downloading android apps in android mobile. If you download android apps in android mobile from google play store and you are getting the error like not downloading, so this is a serious problem. When you can’t download android apps, you can’t do anything in android mobile. 

    To sortout this errors follow some simple methods

    • You need to remove and add your Google Account,
    • Removing it and add your account can solve your problems within minutes.
    • You can Clear the data and Cache of Google Play Store
    • and Services. This will fix the problems.
    If the problem still pursues, then you need to head over Google Play store in “Apps” and then select the option of “Uninstall updates.”

    8. Games not working problems

    Games are not working in android mobile for various reasons like your android phone not support this game.

    How to solve Game unable to play problems on Android devices

    Always check android game is compatible with your android os versions. Games are also not running
    because they do not find sufficient ram in android mobile. Use Clean master for boosting Android games in android mobile.

    9. Insufficient Space Error problem

    insufficient space has been the problem of so many Android devices because of the excess load of Apps that file that make the phone to lag and slow.

    How to solve Android insufficient Memory problems

    As we know, Android gives limited storage for apps, and we don’t have authority to expand it. So, if you are running Android that frequently shows up insufficient space error then let me clear you, there is no fix. You just need to install the app CCleaner on your Android device that will help you free up
    some storage. Or you can Also solve this problem by buying a SD card.

    10. Apps Won’t install to my SD card

    Well, some apps are built to be mounted on your Phone. You can go to settings> Apps and then choose the option “Move To SD Card.” If the option is not available, then you can’t move it!

    SD card is not recognized

    Well, these SD cards can get corrupted and the best solution is to format them using a desktop or laptop. There might be a different reason why your SD card is not recognized by Android, however, the reformat options seem to fix out the issue in most of the case.

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