Top Surface Laptop Alternative that are Suitable to Buy

There’s no doubt that the Surface Laptop is a looker and will turn some heads with its unique design, thanks to the luxury fabric called Alcantara that covers the interior of the laptop. That being said, the Surface Laptop is not without its downsides.

Recently the Microsoft launched the fabulous looking, sleek designed Surface laptop for the Students. It has made this crucial laptop basically for the students and it is said that it avails tremendous features inside. Talking about the reality of this illusion, this laptop is way behind the high-end models and certainly there are lot better options available in its place. This laptop has just 4 GB RAM, runs on the Stepdown version of Windows 10 i.e Windows 10S. This version of Windows doesn’t allow the users to install the applications besides they could only install apps through the Windows Store. All these things are the mark down for such an expensive device priced at nearly about thousand dollars. To help out the users go for some better surface laptop, we have listed the top best alternatives for the Microsoft Surface in this article. Just read out this whole post and know about those better surface alternatives!

Below we had listed some of the best surface book laptop alternative that you need to check out. So have a look on these alternatives below.

#1 Dell XPS 13

This is the best ever laptop such is extremely durable, stinking and stunning. The gorgeous Infinity Display that it avails will make you love it more. Powered by the i7 3rd generation processor and 4 GB of RAM, you could imagine it’s power!

#2 Razer Blade Stealth

The sleek and stylish designed laptop that also availed the great battery backup. Although this laptop is priced at the range of Surface laptop only but still it is competitively a better device. For those who are looking any powerful laptop with much battery backup that will make the device run for the whole day long, this device is the best option!

#3 Microsoft Surface Book

The smaller version of the Microsoft Surface! Is this a better laptop? Generally saying it is not but the amazing feature sets with low price tag makes it the better alternative. The top level feature of this laptop is the ability to detach the screen and use it as a tablet. This is just phenomenal in performance range and is really fast!

#4 MacBook Pro 13-Inch (2016)

The Apple creation that is certainly on the low position in this list. It is not the bad option to go for although but is actually one of the smartest laptops anyone could buy. The software it integrates is extremely good on working with the hardest and most complicated tasks. For those people who are familiar with the Apple, they know that how good this laptop is actually!

#5 Dell Inspiron 7567

The rock hard hardware that is implemented with 8GB of RAM and i7 processor, this makes this laptop really good. The design factor is also minimal and stylish. With the incredible hardware, this system actually goes a step down because of the Windows 10S operating system which is the lower version of Windows 10. This OS doesn’t allow users to install the apps from anywhere else other than the Windows App store!

#6 HP Spectre x360 13-Inch

Portability along with the performance dubbed in this laptop. If the hardware of this device is considered then you must know that it assists the highest quality modules of this era!

#7 Acer Swift 7

The world’s thinnest laptop made by the world’s best manufacturer. The power of this laptop is just intermediate but considering the number of connectivity features and hardware capabilities, this laptop deserves the position in the list as the best Surface alternative.

#8 Acer Chromebook 14 for Work

This is a kind of notebook rather than a laptop which means it is best suitable for browsing and writing needs. Although this doesn’t mean that this laptop lacks the capabilities. With the quality hardware specs, this laptop is a best intermediate range device that you could actually buy!

Finally, you have reached the end of this article but you have got to know about some great information. You have got about the best alternative Surface laptops for the Surface by the Microsoft or you just have got about the best Surface Laps out there. Choose the one from the list that fulfills your desire as well as needs. Don’t forget to share your opinions regarding the article which you have just read. 

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