MTN Xtra Special Tariff Plan Migration Code and Benefits

Mtn XtraSpecial tariff plan offers 15k/Sec to all Nigeria Networks in Nigeria on a flat basics without any daily charges, this article contains MTN Xtra Special call tariff plan benefits and how migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan in Nigeria.

MTN has not relented in offering special plans that their customers can benefit from as they have introduced a prepaid plan that allows their subscribers spend 15kobo per second call rates to make national and international calls – MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan.

MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan is a special tariff plan for MTN prepaid customers that allows them enjoy both national and international calls at a flat rate of 15 kobo per second.

The calls at rates of 15 kobo per second to international countries can be made to 18 specially selected destinations and does not attract any special access fee, just a recharge of N100 and above.

In a nutshell, XtraSpecial prepaid plan can be used to make calls to MTN lines, to other networks in Nigeria and 18 selected international countries which is pretty amazing because MTN XtraSpecial prepaid and postpaid customers can make many calls at truly cheaper rates – a mere 15 kobo per second flat call rate.

The 18 countries eligible for this 15 kobo per second call rate offer are; Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hong-Kong, India, Ireland, Isreal, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom and United states.

These are the countries supported by MTN to enjoy this cheaper call rates, However, subscribers can make calls to other countries not in the list but calls will be charged at a different rate – Probably higher.

To spice things up, The MTN XtraSpecial prepaid tariff plan does not attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee, this MTN tariff plan is totally for those set of people that would like to enjoy benefits with no access fee.

However, MTN prepaid customers will start receiving the benefits of the plan once they recharge N100 and above.

Some other networks also offer special tariff plan with no access fee, one of such networks is Airtel Nigeria which also has a tariff plan called the “Airtel smart value call tariff plan” whose benefit is very similar to that of MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan.

Note: These tariff plans all come with individual terms along with bonuses and other kinds of incentives so be sure to read beyond headlines and titles.

MTN Xtra Special tariff seems to be a little bit costly but it is more preferable than most of the Tariff Plan in Nigeria. You can call some selected international destination at the same rate above with an additional benefit of 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service.

Unlike the MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan, the MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan allows you to make calls at 15k/Sec (N9/Min) on a flat rate basis to all networks in nigeria without daily access fee.

How to check MTN tariff plan

Before you will attempt migrating to a new tariff plan on the MTN network, it is very necessary you check your current MTN tariff plan either for the fore-mentioned purpose or for the sake of confirming your current tariff plan, 

The below step by steps guide will guide allows you to know your current active MTN call tariff plan.

*. Insert your MTN SIM
*. Switch on your phone
*. Dial *123*1*2# and
*. Your MTN tariff plan will be displayed

There is other methods to know your MTN tariff plan:

– Call 180 (MTN customer care) and ask them which tariff plan you are on.
– Dial *556# to check mtn account balance and your tariff plan will be displayed!

How To Migrate To MTN Xtra Special Tariff Plan

All Mtn Subscribers with Mtn New Sim card and old sim card can migrate to MTN Xtra Special call tariff plan. 

So if you want to migrate to MTN Xtra Special tariff plan, just dial *408# and select 1 migrate or send 408 in an SMS to 131 and you will be migrated immediately.

Please Note: Migration to any MTN call tariff plan is free only if you have not migrated to any other plan less than 30 days to your new migration. If, this is so, MTN charges you N100 for a seemingly migration so you can benefit from this offer.

Actually that's all what we have been waiting for, after the discontinuation of MTN true Talk+ many MTN customers are disappointed because it was the cheaper data plan available at the time, now everything is getting back to normal because MTN has started to revisit there Tariff Plan after revisiting much about there data plan and I hope we can anticipate for more cheaper tariff plan as MTN start to unveils many cheaper tariff plans

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