MTN Biz Plus Tariff Plan, Migration Code and Features

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mtn biz plus tariff plan

MTN offers a wide range of business tariff plans, in which MTN Biz Plus which we will be discussing it Features,Benefits and How to migrate to mtn biz plus tariff plan

What is MTN Biz Plus?

MTN Biz plus is a prepaid tariff plan that gives you access to enjoy better pricing on all MTN Services. Which includes lower cost on-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS bundles targeted primarily for the SMEs.

Although, it is designed mainly for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) regular customers can also use them. For you to be able to use this plan, you’d have to Migrate from any of the tariff plans you’re currently using to MTN Biz Plus tariff plan, where you’ll be able to gain more access to incredible plans available at cheap rates.

Features Of MTN Biz Tariff Plan

    1. It provides reduced price across data, voice and SMS on-net transactions per subscriber line
    2. Phone calls are made to all networks at 11k/s from the very first minute, no daily charges or 1st minute charge.
    3. It enables you to move from one bundle to another within MTN BIZ Plan using SMS short code or USSD by themselves
    4. Free midnight calls (Happy Hours). This is the only tariff plan on MTN that offers free midnight calls.
    5. The product bundles offers other MTN ICT products (Smart Number; Business Tips; Back up as a Service & ePresence)
    6. Provides the functionality to share voice minute with your employees/friends in the same service class.
    7. Allows data share to any MTN prepaid subscriber irrespective of whether or not they’re in any MTN business plan or not.
    8. Automatic renewal of bundle subscription with automatic rollover of bundle balances is also available
    9. You can protect your Data and Voice with a PIN.

    How To Migrate To MTN Biz Plus

    If you want to migrate to MTN Biz Plus Tariff plan, just navigate to your mobile phone dialer and dial the below USSD code;


    If you want to migrate to MTN Biz Pluz tariff plan via SMS , just send 460 in an SMS to 131.

    After a Successful Migration to the MTN Biz Plus plan, you can now subscribe to any of the MTN Biz Plus package you want. I have listed below, all the MTN Biz Plus tariff plan packages and their benefits.

    All MTN Biz Plus Packages, Activation Codes and Validity

    SmartBiz: this package seems to be the cheapest plan in the MTN Biz plus plan, it costs just N1,000. It offers: 60 mins(1 hour) of call to any network, 30 free SMS to any network, 100MB data to browse the internet and comes with a ICT Bonus – Business Tips.

    To Subscribe via SMS: Send 470 to 131To Subscribe Via USSD Code: Dial *460*2*1#Validity period: 30 days

    SmartBiz Plus: This is an upgrade to the SmartBiz plan and it costs N3,000. The distinguishing features is the added minutes, which is 70mins(1hr:10mins) and ICT Bonus (Smart Number).

    To Subscribe via SMS: Send 471 to 131

    To Subscribe Via USSD Code: Dial *460*2*2#Validity period: 30 days
    Plans With More Voice, Data and SMS;

    This plans are of 3 types, It has more minutes, free SMS and data than the two previous plans we talked about. The difference they have with other plans is the non availability of ICT Bonus.

    Basic Plan: Costs – N2,500 Voice – 100mins(1hr:40 mins) Free SMS: 70 Data: 325MB Validity: 30 Days To Subscribe Via SMS: send 469 to 131 USSD Code: *460*2*3#
    Lite Plan: Costs – N3,400 Voice – 175mins(2hr:15 mins) Free SMS: 70 Data: 325MB Validity: 30 Days To Subscribe Via SMS: Send 461 to 131 USSD Code: *460*2*4#
    Standard Plan: Costs – N2,500 Voice – 300mins(5 Hours) Free SMS: 100 Data: 325MB Validity: 30 Days To Subscribe Via SMS: send 462 to 131. USSD Code: *460*2*5*6#

    Plans With Much More Minute, Data and ICT Bonus:

    These plan are more expensive, but with much more benefits than the rest of the plans. They have very unique ICT bonus and are available on two plans alone with different prices, based on your need. Depending on how the big your business is, this plan is very suitable for businesses with a reasonably large amount of Staff and office equipments with access to the internet.

    The ICT Bonus is one off 3GB Baas. Baas according to Wikipedia is known as “Backend as a service” (BaaS), which is a model for providing web app and mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud storage and APIs exposed by back end applications while also providing features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services.”

    Advantage Plan:

    Costs – N7,500
    Voice – 600mins(10 Hours)
    Free SMS: 100
    Data: 750MB
    Validity: 30 Days

    To Subscribe Via SMS: send 463 to 131

    USSD Code: *460*2*5*7#

    Premium Plan

    Costs – N10,500
    Voice – 900mins(15 Hours)
    Free SMS: 100
    Data: 1.5GB
    Validity: 30 Days

    To Subscribe Via SMS: Send 464 to 131

    USSD Code: *460*2*5*8#

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