How To Transfer Funds Using Access Bank Mobile Banking App 2019

Transferring funds {i-e} money Is always an issue because of its included procedures like the inputting of the hardware token number or The inserting of the accounts transaction pin, latest. So this makes it a big challenge for people but inside this article we will be revealing how these transactions can be carried out in a simple task.

This is where it is a little bit tricky or complicated, before you can transfer funds or recharge airtime you must either have an hardware token or you simply visit any access bank close to you to collect your transaction pin, which you can subsequently change on the App.

How To Transfer Funds

After getting the Transaction Pin
  1. Login into the App.
  2. Click on the Menu Button.
  3. Select Transfers from the list of options
  4. Select the bank account you wish to transfer to, you’ll provided with three different options:
  • Your Other Bank Accounts with Access
  • Access Bank Account.
  • Other Banks.
  1. After selecting the bank accounts you wish to transfer to, enter the account details and the amount you wish to transfer to and verify with either your transaction pin or hardware token as the case maybe.
NOTE: For your other accounts with Access Bank you do not need to enter your pin.

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