How To Pay For StarTimes Subscription Using 6 Different Methods

Payment of startimes subscription can be stressful sometimes but I urge you that it can be made easy if you follow the instructions that will be named in this article. For you to pay your startimes subscription fee you can simply sit at your home and pay without going to the Bank or going to any startimes payments agent. All you simply need to do is to be patient and read all steps given in this article because they all will be useful to you after reading them.
To make payments, please note that you can pay for startimes subscription at any STARTIMES OFFICE, directly from the STARTIMES authorized website or you can Also pay through QUICKTELLER, AUTHORIZED DEALER Office, MOBILE MONEY, BANKS, ATMS , etc.

How to pay Startimes Subscription by Recharging

  • Send the following message to 32055
    a. CC#smartcardnumber#pin- To maintain your current bouquet
  • CC#smartcardnumber#pin#B – To change from any bouquet to basic
  • CC#smartcardnumber#pin#C- To change from any bouquet to classic
  • CC#smartcardnumber#pin#U – To change from any bouquet to unique

How to pay Startimes Subscription using Quickteller

Go to and observe the following steps.
  • You will need to have either a verve card or an Interswitch powered debit card.
  • Now, you should register with your email address and mobile phone number
  • You will receive an activation code via your email address. You then have to login and activate your account with the code.
  • Choose Startimes under CABLE TV BILLS, supply your customer details. QuickTeller will have to confirm these details then direct you to the payment gateway.
  • While on the payment gateway, you must choose your card type and supply the required card details, pin and whatever other vital information.
  • You should see a receipt confirmation displayed for you via QuickTeller and this will also be sent to your email address.
  • Once you make any payments, these will be recognized by STARTIMES immediately. Within 10 minutes (usually within 2 minutes), your startimes accounts will be activated.

How to Pay startimes Subscription Using GTBank

To pay your startimes subscription using your GTBank, Dial *737*37*AMOUNT*SMARTCARD NUM#. Complete your Transaction using the LAST FOUR DIGITS on your ATM Card.

How to Pay for Startimes Subscription via Interswictch ATM

Go to the nearest ATM Machine powered by Quickteller. Enter your ATM card, PIN Number and select account type. Choose the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screenSelect ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen. Choose ‘Others’. Enter the code ‘240534’ and Press ‘PROCEED’. Enter ‘Smart Card Number’ e.g 05xxxxxxxxx and Press ‘PROCEED’.

How to Pay for Startimes Subscription using Mobile Recharge

Interswitch has introduced a new payment channel that uses USSD service. You can can now renew your startimes subscription using your mobile phones.

How to Pay for StarTimes Subscription Using Ussd Code

You can renew your StarTimes subscription by simply dialing the short code *322*8888*amount#,
for example *322*8888*1000#, on your mobile phone.

It works by checking all the payments cards and bank accounts tied to the customer’s phone number on the Interswitch network and presents them to the customer to choose one of them to make the payment.

Please note that all Verve Cards, MasterCards and banks on the Interswitch network are supported.
Also note that the USSD code works on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and GLO

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