How To Activate Airtel 2gb For 100 And 10gb For 500

In this season of Celebration Airtel Nigeria has decided to bless all their customers with A gift they can't be rejected by anyone. Here is the Airtel 2gb for just 100naira only and the whooping some of 10gb for just 500naira in fact this Is crazy because it has not be done by any Network in Nigeria.

So all Airtel customers are lucky with this amazing offer. The most amazing part of it is that you don't need any tweaking or VPN app, and it works well with Android, Windows, IOS,Lumia phone and etc,so just follow the given instructions below to get your Airtel 2gb for 100 Naira and 10gb for 500 Naira

I will reveal the complete steps and settings to enjoy this Airtel MB/Data cheat. Kindly follow me along.


There are some procedures you need to follow inorder to enjoy this overload data from Airtel. The cheat has been confirmed working by me and some few people.
What you have to do is to port another network to Airtel network. For instance: Port MTN network (new or old line) to Airtel network. That's all you need to do to get this cheat activated.

Then Now, after successfully porting your MTN line to your Airtel SIM, kindly recharge your Airtel line through bank or Zoto recharge wallet.

Note: Do not recharge with scratch card pin.

After recharging N100 with any of the method above, you’ll be given instant 2GB data which valid for 30 days and the data balance can be checked by dialling *223# only.

And the more you recharge N100, the more the data accumulates. N200 recharge will give you instant 4GB data bonus, N500 recharge will give you 10GB and vice versa.
You can’t accumulate above 50GB data and each of the data has 30 days validity period. Your money is still intact while you enjoy your data.

You are free to appreciate us with your comments, we will be glad to hear your thoughts thanks



  1. Get a registered MTN Sim
  2. A valid ID Card is required to complete the porting. (Voter's card, National id or Driver license)

If above requirements are met, then follow the next steps below.

  • Take those requirements to any of the nearest Airtel office around you.
  • Tell them you want to port your MTN Sim to Airtel network
  • They will give you a form to fill.
  • Follow whatever they told you to do for a successful porting.
  • You will receive a text message from Airtel on the MTN line you intend to port.
  • Now reboot your phone when you notice your MTN network has disappeared.
  • You will be directed to insert your newly ported sim which is Airtel.
  • Switch off your phone and insert your new ported Airtel line.
  • You will get a confirmation message from Airtel that your sim has been ported.m

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  1. We are sorry for the delay of the complete article
    Our workers were working on it now you can now enjoy this awful

  2. Enter your an airtel subscriber... do I also need to port or I'll just recharge from my bank account like that

    1. As for an airtel subscriber all you need is to get a new Sim from other networks and ports to airtel and you start enjoying the promo

  3. Must the network be MTN for it to work? cux i tried porting glo, but i didn't get the promo

  4. Please does the new Sim have to be mtn or I can port from like Glo

  5. Enter your reply...i port my mtn line to airtel it didn't work

    1. Sir we are sorry for that but I suggest you give airtel customers care a call

  6. I did it and it worked, I got 2gb for #100. I did not get any more bonuses on subsequent recharge,i.e further recharge of #100 and #200 didn't give further bonuses. What could be the cause?

  7. Maybe you should contact the airtel customers care
    But how do you feel with the awarded 2gb data


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