How To Migrate To MTN Zone Tariff Plan

Having migrated to the MTN zone tariff plan, you are entitled to enjoy low discount calls based on your location and time frame of calling.  The lowest call discount during the day is 4k/sec. Do you know you can actually call any mobile network either airtel, glo, etisalat and others for the same 4k/sec?  The Mtn zone tariff plan is quite awesome.

The Mtn zone trick is quite helpful in times of need when you realized you just have N50 and you want to call a glo number urgently based on a business transaction or immediate family matters, do you know you can actually talk up to 5mins or more with just using N50 calling on the time frame of 4k/sec tariff.

If you are looking for how to migrate to mtn zone, this article contains all you need to know about mtn zone tariff plan and how to activate mtn zone and enjoy call at cheaper rates. This mtn zone tariff plan is currently, one of the cheapest call tariff plan in Nigeria.

MTN zone plan is a Prepaid tariff plan from MTN which allows MTN Subscribers to make cheap calls or get call discounts based on their location. MTN Zone is a prepaid plan only available for all prepaid customer at great discount valid for mtn to mtn calls

MTN Zone call Discounts ranges from 2k/seconds, 4k/seconds, 8k/seconds, 12k/seconds, 16k/seconds, 20k/seconds, 24k/seconds and sometime times, 30k/sec depending on your location. 

How To Migrate To MTN Zone 

If you want to make free call on mtn zone or you want to make call at cheaper rates,all you have to do is to migrate to mtn zone tariff plan by dialing the below activation code. 
  1. Mtn Zone Activation Code: *135*1#
  2. Plan Menu code for Mtn zone: *135#
  3. Tariff Plan code for Mtn zone: *135*2#
  4. Tariff Rate code for Mtn zone: *135*3#
  5. Cell broadcast set-up information code for Mtn zone: *135*4#
  6. Notification off code for Mtn zone: 135*6#
  7. Notification on code for Mtn zone: *135*5#

How to Check your Current MTN tariff plan

Before you will attempt migrating to a new tariff plan on the MTN network, it is very necessary you check your current MTN tariff plan either for the fore-mentioned purpose or for the sake of confirming your current tariff plan, 

The below step by steps guide will guide allows you to know your current active MTN call tariff plan.

*. Insert your MTN SIM
*. Switch on your phone
*. Dial *123*1*2# and
*. Your MTN tariff plan will be displayed

There is other methods to know your MTN tariff plan:

– Call 180 (MTN customer care) and ask them which tariff plan you are on.
– Dial *556# to check mtn account balance and your tariff plan will be displayed!

How To Display Your MTN Zone Discount 

If you want to display Mtn zone discount on a smartphone screen,go to text message settings and then create the broadcast service with 50 channel number. Put it on and after that, you will be getting all discount information according to your network base on the certain Mtn zone you are. When a person is about to call someone, he sees how much he will be charged per second. 

You will also Enjoy midnight call, MTN Happy Hours is free calls From 12am till 4am, make sure you have at least a minimum balance of N100 airtime before making happy hours calls. It totally free of charge and your airtime will not be deducted.

How To Reduce Mtn Zone Tariff When Charging High (16k to 24k/s)

MTN zone charges you based on the area/location you are at a given time frame. If you are in a crowded, over populated or most times an area with a good reception for internet connectivity (3G, H+). You tend to pay high compared to those in villages, rural areas.

For those using a small Nokia phone you do not need this, because your small Nokia phone is automatically configured. But for those using smartphones, Simply change your mobile network to edge and try calling again after some minutes to enable you to be charged less (4k, 8k, 12k) respectively.


1. How To Make Free calls on MTN Zone

You can make free calls in the MTN Zone from MTN to MTN from 12:00AM to 4:00AM every day, but you must have at least 100 Naira in your MTN Zone account.

2. How To Migrate From MTN Pulse To MTN Zone

You can migrate From MTN pulse to MTN Zone by simply dialing *135*1#.

3. How Much Does of cost To Migrate To MTN Zone

Migration from any MTN tariff plan to MTN Zone tariff plan is totally free.

4. What Is The SMS rate for MTN Zone.

Sending an SMS to any Nigerian number, using the MTN Zone tariff plan will cost you four (4) Naira, while international text messages will cost you as much as fifty (50) Naira, depending on the country you are texting.

5. How To check MTN Zone Registration Status

To check your MTN Zone registration status, simply dial *135#

6. How To Opt out of MTN Zone Package

To opt out or deactivate your MTN Zone tariff package, dial *1359#

7. How to get the list of Tariffs on the MTN Zone

To get the total list of plans of tariffs and bonuses applicable to the MTN Zone Package, Dial *1353# or Dial *1335#


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