Glo 4G LTE Data Plan Subscription Codes and Prices 2019

Glo 4G LTE data plan has been around the conner since the first quarter of 2017. Glo LTE service was made available for some states and is yet to be made available nationwide. This pages contain Glo 4G data plan subscription codes and prices.

Glo 4g

What is LTE?

LTE means “Long Term Evolution”. It is the evolution of standards for wireless network after 3G. With Glo 4G LTE you can download 5MB music file in a few second instead of minutes) and you can Watch an Ultra high definition videos with no buffering

How To Activate Glo 4G LTE

For you to be able to use Glo 4G LTE Data Plan, you must must have a 4G LTE enabled smartphone and a Glo 4G LTE SIM which is now available nationwide. To know if your smartphone supports glo 4G LTE, text 4G to 400. You can also swap your old SIM with the new Glo 4G LTE SIM.

Glo LTE Coverage is Available in Lagos: Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Isla, Ajah and Akoka, Abuja: Maitama, Wuse, Asokoro, Garki/Central Business District and Airport Road, Port Harcourt: Aba Road, Trans Amadi, Diobu, Old GRA and UNIPORT, Benin, Warri, Eket, Jos, Zaria: ABU, Yola: ABTI for now.

Glo 4G Subscription Codes and Prices

Price Data Volume Data Volume Via Auto Renewal validy USSD Code
N100 35MB 95MB 1 Day *127*51#
N200 100MB 250MB 5 Days *127*56#
N500 800MB 2GB 10 Days *127*57
N1000 1.6GB 4GB 30 Days *127*53#
N2000 3.75GB 9.5GB 30 Days *127*55#
N3000 6GB 15GB 30 Days *127*54#
N5000 12GB 30GB 30 Days *127*2#
N10000 50GB 75GB 30 Days *127*11#
N15000 80GB 120GB 30 Days *127*12#
N20000 120GB 180GB 30 Days *127*33#

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