How to Load MTN Card with MTN Recharge Code

MTN Nigeria is one of the top leading networks in Nigeria; this network has a wide community of subscribers who love to make calls and surf the internet, hence there is need for the network to satisfy those needs.

MTN airtime vouchers popularly referred to as recharge cards are available in most major and minor retail stores across the country. It usually in the form of scratch cards or till slips. 

Each MTN Recharge card comes with a unique PIN code and serial number printed on it. In order to load the indicated amount on the recharge card on your phone, please dial this MTN recharge code in the Following format *555*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#. 

Please use the PIN and not the serial number. After confirming the digit, you may then press the call button on your phone to action and your phone is recharged!

Over the years, the famous code to load mtn card has been *555* the pin number, then #. But for a while now, it seems it has been updated or upgraded to other ways of getting our lines to be recharged with different MTN recharge code that give us bonuses. Keep reading to get information about the New MTN recharge code with Bonus.

Are you in search of how to recharge mtn network? Here is the article that will teach you how to load mtn recharge card in a quick way.

Man say that recharging of airtime on MTN is simple but in some cases they find it confusing so today we will be discussing disclosing to how you can do this in a simple way.

New MTN Recharge Code

The new way to load your 10 digit mtn card is by dialing *3551*Credit PIN#. It works for those recharge cards whose PIN is 10 digits in number.

For PIN that contains the 12 digits, you will have to use the old mtn recharge code which is *555*Card PIN#.

This write up will be updated to reflects new changes as i am of strong believe that time will come when both code can be use to load both types of card or the new one will be the only working code.

To confirm that the airtime was successfully loaded on your sim card or mtn line, just dial *556#. If you receive incorrect PIN error while trying to top up, try loading it again and if the response is the same, you should return the credit or get in touch with customer care via 180.

How To Recharge Your Line With New Mtn Recharge Code

There is nothing hard there if you what to recharge your line with the new mtn recharge code just go to your phone dialer and dial *3551*Recharge pin# which is for Mtn 10 digit recharge codes or pin.

How To Recharge Your Line With Mtn 4X Bonus Code

As you hear it 4x yea it is indeed you can get four of your recharge on your mtn line by using these recharge code prompt dial *888*Recharge pin# Then send Boom your line will be credited with 4X four times of your recharge.

That is if you load N100 you will getN400 and if you loadN200 you will Get N800 Awesome right.

How To Recharge Your Line With Old Mtn Recharge Code

Has you all know its old way, to Recharge your line with the old mtn recharge code just go straight to your phone and dial *555*Recharge Pin# and send these is the old way and the pin lasted to be a 12 digit recharge pin or code.

How To Recharge Your Line With Bank Recharge Code

To recharge your line with a bank code is quite easy just go straight to your phone and dial *904# it will lead you to some prompt page, way to get your number or line recharge follow it to select the appropriate option to recharge your line.

How To Check Your Balance On Mtn 

To check your balance on mtn dial *556# which is the normal method use in check balance for other balances like bonus balance and data you can dial *559# or just dial 131 to check your data balance only.

To check your 4X Bonus Balance or 4X Airtime balance when you use *888# ways to check the balance will be communicated to you after you have recharge the line.

MTN offers both call and data services. Over the years, MTN has launched diverse services, tariff plans as well as promos to reward her numerous customers and encourage many others that are not their subscribers.

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