How to Recharge with 9mobile Recharge Code

If you're 9mobile user, certainly you understand there's a need to recharge. If you're using over one system, remembering all of the recharge codes could be somewhat perplexing. Generally on many recharge cards, you will notice a description about the best way best to load your airtime.

9mobile recharge code

However, for the sake of the couple recharge cards out there which do not have this descriptions, Here is the article that will teach how to recharge 9mobile with 9mobile recharge code in a quick way.

Recharging of how to recharge 9mobile airtime is simple but in some cases they find it confusing so today we will be discussing how to recharge 9mobile card.

How to Recharge 9mobile Airtime

Every user of 9mobile network has the ability to recharge airtime in a very easy way. All you need to do is to dial the code to recharge 9mobile which is: *222*PIN# this is also known as recharge code for 9mobile or 9mobile recharge pin

For example *222*141272343484175#. You can also do an easy 9Mobile recharge for your friends or relatives, to do this dial the 9mobile recharge code *222*PIN*Receiver’s Number#

Recharge Family and Friends

You can also recharge your loved ones’ line directly from your phone. To do this, dial the 9mobile recharge code *222*Charge PIN*Recipient’s Number# then Send or press OK

Remember not to include the spaces between the recharge PIN when trying to recharge.

How long before you get your Airtime?

It is usually instant, as soon as you successfully dial the code given above, you will get a notification telling you if your recharge has been successful or not. If it has you will see the amount of recharge displayed, if it’s not you will also see why it failed.

How much can you recharge?

9mobile offer different recharge value ranging from 50 Naira to 1,000 Naira. However, if you are recharging directly from your bank mobile app, you can recharge any amount. But, here we are focused on the printed cards you normally buy from the roadside vendors.

Validity of your recharge?

Your airtime is valid and available for use until you use it, it doesn’t expire. Except you are registered to a particular tariff that requires you to use up your airtime recharge within a specified period, otherwise your airtime recharge is safe and will not expire.

What happen when You enter a wrong 9mobile recharge pin?

It is very common that while trying to recharge, you end up missing a number or making a mistake. But not to worry your recharge is still safe you will get a notification telling you that you entered a wrong PIN. All you have to do is repeat the process, but this time you should be extra careful so as not to make the same mistake again.

How to Retrieve Over Scratched 9mobile Recharge Card

This is the point where I have to mention that some of the recharge Cards you will buy requires one to scratch the silver surface utilized to hide the recharge PIN.

Surface you might sometimes scratch off one of the recharge amounts. This normally happens in the event that you attempt to scratch off the silver face too hard, so you should be extra cautious.

But in the event that you already scratch off one of the numbers, you Don't have to panic it may still be solved. First you need to local the serial number that's published on the recharge card, most of recharge cards have sequential numbers.

Copy out this number and call the 9mobile Customer support representative. Their is an article I wrote that's all of the channels you may use to contact the 9mobile customer services. However, for the sake of the piece I'll mention only one.

Dial 200 from your 9mobile sim to talk to one of their customer Service agents. Tell them exactly what happened while you were trying to scratch off the silver surface they will ask for the serial number of the recharge card.

They'll recharge your line straight from their system.

How to check 9mobile account balance

Yes, it is important you know how to check your account balance with 9mobile recharge pin, this will guide you to know when you need to recharge. You would not want you airtime running out in the middle of an important conversation, so always check your balance.

how to check account balance on 9mobile?

To check your airtime balance, simply dial the 9mobile account balance code *223# and Send or press OK. Your account balance will be displayed to you. Using this 9mobile account balance code as absolutely free.

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