How to Recharge Airtime From Polaris Bank (Skye Bank) Account

If you are looking for how to buy airtime from Skye bank account with Skye bank airtime recharge code (ussd), this article is for you as it contains ussd code to buy airtime from Skye bank.

Skye Bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria in term of mobile banking. With Skye Bank Airtime Recharge Code, you can easily load credit on your phone directly from your Skye bank account.

Skye Bank airtime recharge code has made recharging of phone with airtime very easy. You don't have to go about looking for where to buy Airtime. You can recharge your phone anytime, anywhere without internet connection.

Code to Buy Airtime from Polaris Bank Account

If you want to buy airtime from your Skye bank account with Skye bank airtime recharge code, just dial *389*076*1*Amount#

For example, if you want to recharge N600, dial *389*076*1*600# and send, your SIM will be credited with the amount specified.

NOTE: You must use the SIM or the phone number you registered with Skye Bank that is linked to your bank account for a successful transaction. You can recharge a minimum amount of N50 and a maximum amount of N10,000 daily.

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