How to Check MTN Data Balance

Have you been looking for how to check data balance on mtn network. People has been complaining that there is no easy and fast way to check mtn data balance but here we are going to show you mtn data balance code that you can use to check data balance on mtn.

Mtn has made it easier for its subscribers, on procedures on how to check your data balance on mtn, by simply texting and dialing the code for mtn data balance.

Potential Mtn subscribers are not restricted to subscribe, irrespective of their tariff plans, a subscriber to any tariff on Mtn Pulse; BetterTalk, XtraValue, or XtraSpecial, have a general approach to checking mtn data balance on their phone.

Mtn has been a major service provider in Nigeria since inception, it provides wide coverage of services to its customers, ranging from calls, text message, and data.

The network provider provides a very fast and adequate browsing response for the network subscribers if intended for browsing.

In this article, you will learn easy methods and steps to check mtn data balance or how to check mtn data on your phone, without stress.

Therefore, after each subscription for data bundle of your choice, here are easy tips to follow on how to check data balance on mtn.

After each subscription made on your Mtn sim, below are the simple steps to follow, to check your Mtn data on your phone.

How to Check data Balance on MTN

Check out the easiest method on how to check data on mtn. These are the most familiar methods for checking mtn data balance with mtn balance code, which is explained for subscribers.

Below are the most stress-free methods to follow while checking your Data Balance on your phone.


Text: the texting method is a very common method, which can be used to check mtn data balance on your phone.

Check this easy method by following this process:
  • Go to the message box
  • Text ‘2’, to 131
  • You will receive an SMS shortly.
  • Your data balance will appear on your phone.
If this method did not serve you well enough, you can easily use the following method, this method is referred to as the dialing method. Simply follow the simple process below.

Method 2

Dial: the dialing or the mtn balance code method is a common and the simplest method, which should be used to check mtn data balance on your phone.

Check data balance on your phone without any stress by simply dialing the following mtn data balance code.
  • Dial the mtn data balance code *131*4#.
  • Press the send button.
  • A notification will appear on your phone’s screen.
  • You will receive your Mtn data balance as a message.

Better still, if you are not satisfied enough with this method, hence, you can check the most preferable method in the following paragraph.

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You will receive your Mtn data balance shortly. The above-listed methods as explained the methods in which you can use to check mtn data balance on your phone, without consuming much of your time and effort in search of it.

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