Top 5 Photoshop Alternative Apps for Mac and Windows

Photoshop bags the big name when it comes to professional or amateur photo editing. It offers numerous useful and effective features to make your regular picture look most beautiful.

Despite that, it has its own drawbacks which force users to look for alternatives to Photoshop. One such limitation is that Photoshop comes with tones of functionality & features which makes it complicated to use for first time user.

Top 5 Alternative to Photoshop

To deal with this issue, we have discussed top 5 Photoshop alternative apps for Mac users for instant and effective results.

1. Affinity Photo:- Affinity Photo is a sophisticated photo editing tool that offers retouching, editing and enhancing your photo quality. It works on incredibly intuitive and user-friendly interface and equipped with various amazing features.

It supports comprehensive RAW files editing where you can develop camera RAW files in a dedicated workplace that comes built-in with different corrections and adjustments.

It could work in any color space including LAB, CMYK, RGB, Grayscale etc. It supports different file formats including PSD, SVG, PDF, EPS, TIFF and JPG.

It works on cross platforms including Mac and Windows. In other features, it offers pixel tool improvements, live perspective projection, new marquee selection modes, color picker tool, plugin support, HDR merge, batch processing, equation filters and much more.

Source: affinity.serif

2. Tweak Photos:- Tweak Photos is state-of-the-art tool that not only helps you edit your images the way you want it to be but it also offers batch edit features. Using this tool, you can edit hundreds of your photos seamlessly.

In other features, it supports 50+ RAW image formats, helps you rename entire batch, resize entire batch, auto-correct orientation, rotation controls, de-noise photos, watermark photos, change texture & styles, offer color control filters and much more.

It offers wide range of combinations for batch editing and format conversions. You can use this tool for instant and accurate results on your Mac.

Source: tweakphotos

3. GIMP:- GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is free cross-platform image editing app for Mac that offers some unique features to help you edit your images seamlessly. It offers numerous customization features and allows you to set third-party plugins to enhance editing features.

It allows you to retouch, restore or edit images in artistic way. You can use this tool to produce icons, art for user interface, graphical design elements and much more. It works on advanced programming algorithms to offer you some amazing results.

It offers better flexibility & extensibility to offer high level of customization and improved results. It supports different file formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA, BMP, XWD, XPM and much more.

Source: gimp

4. Sketch:- Sketch works with better precision to offer you accurate and instant results. It stores all objects in layer list where you can use Boolean operations to combine paths to create sophisticated shapes.

You can further edit these parts anytime you want. If you are working on a large document, then you can name and group layers to organize things easily. You can search any object by name from this large group easily.

It works on advanced techniques to avoid dirty shapes, half-pixels and alpha-blended issues with your image. It offers Pixel View to allow you to view see complete details.

Further, you can add beautiful text to object. It offers dynamic properties where you can edit the size, position or rotation of multiple objects at a time.

Using this tool, you can name a Layer Style and reuse it on different objects. In other features, it offers multiple borders, fills and shadows, dynamic blur, etc.

Source: sketchapp

5. Acorn:- Acorn works as an effective tool when it comes to image editing. It offers numerous useful features and image editing options to make your regular picture into piece of art.

It offers non-destructive curves, filters, levels, masks etc. for instant and accurate results. Using this tool, you can add text or even emoji on a path. It offers various filters to create some unique effects.

Further, you can customize your pre-defined presets and use on-canvas controls for better results. It offers various photo effects like blur, distortion, color correction, sharpening, gradients, drop shadow, vignette, tilt shift and much more.

It also offers numerous vector features like Boolean operations, Bezier curves, arrows, stars, text tools like circle text and path text etc.

Source: flyingmeat

In Conclusion:

Despite the fact, Photoshop is dominant tool when it comes to photo editing still there are plenty tools that offers comparatively better features to make your editing work seamless. In this article, we have discussed some of these alternatives to Photoshop to offer you better availability of other photo editing tools.

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