How to Unlock Applock in Android without Password

We always use an AppLock App to protect our privacy and hiding applications, photos & videos with Pattern lock or password. It is very useful for us because after locking with AppLock application anyone can’t access to apps, photos, and videos, etc. without our permission. 
But sometimes we forget the Applock password & can’t open the apps. In this situation what can we do? So In this post, I’ll tell you 5 ways with that you can unlock apps from AppLock without the password.

If you are looking for how to Unlock Applock in your Android or any Android. This article is all about how to do so. There may be a reason why you want to Unlock Applock in Android without Password. 

You may have forgotten your password or the pattern lock. You may be trying to Unlock apps or games that has been locked by your child, friend, husband or wife. The below methods will show you how bypass or unlock Applock application and gain access to the locked apps and games.

How to Bypass/Unlock Applock without Password

Method 1. Uninstall AppLock

One of the best methods to unlock password protected apps in your phone is to uninstall AppLock. If there will be no AppLock, so no password is required and thus you can open any application directly. Below is how to uninstall Applock.
  1. First go to Settings and click Apps option.
  2. Now move under the Downloaded tab and click AppLock.
  3. Next tap the Uninstall button and click OK to continue. That's it.

    Uninstall AppLock
If you have any issues uninstalling it. This is because, AppLock is strong enough to prevent itself from being uninstalled by someone. The Applock latest version, allow it users to give it administrative rights in their phone so that no one can uninstall it without password.

You can bypass this protection by removing AppLock from device administrator. Simply go to "Settings > Security > Device Administrators" and uncheck the button next to the AppLock option. Now you can uninstall it easily.

Device administrators

There is another common problem you might encounter while uninstalling AppLock. Sometimes phone's Settings is locked. In that case, you can try these methods -
  • Uninstall it from app drawer - Long press the AppLock icon in the app drawer and then click Uninstall option.
  • Use third-party tool - You can also uninstall it by using third-party apps like Easy Uninstaller. If Google Play Store is also locked, you can download them from other app stores.
NOTE: If phone Settings is locked, AppLock icon is hidden and you have given it administrative rights in your phone, then there is no way to uninstall it without password. Sorry!

Method 2. Force stop AppLock

AppLock and its services are always running in the background. If you will force stop it, all applications will be unlocked automatically and good thing is, you can continue to use AppLock without uninstalling it.
  • First go to "Settings > Apps > Downloaded > AppLock". 
  • Now tap the Force Stop button and click OK to continue.
If AppLock is a device administrator, then remove it first. But, this method will not work if phone Settings is locked.

Method 3. Disable app usage access

In Android 5.0 and later versions, you must permit usage access for AppLock to work properly. This will help it to collect general information about the apps, such as how often you use them. If you will disable this usage access, it won't work and all the apps will be unlocked without password.

All you have to do is, go to "Settings > Security > Apps with usage access (Under Advanced section)". Now switch off the button next to the AppLock option. That's it.

Apps with usage access

So I  believe by now you know how to bypass or unlock applock in Android without Password and gain access to all the locked apps and games. Thanks for Reading.

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