How to Fix Storage Space Running Out Error on Android

Looking for how to transfer data to SD card on Android? This article is all about how to do that. Android becomes very annoying when you see a notification saying "storage space running out". 

At this time your android smartphone will start lagging, hanging and some of the system app will stop working. For you to fix this Error message you have to transfer files on the internal memory to the SD card. 

So the below steps will show you how to move or copy from your phone memory to SD card.

1. Using Android's built-in option

In latest version (5.0 or later), Android has added a new option which let you transfer all media files to the SD card at once. Sounds good? Here's a step-by-step guide to transfer them -
  1. First of all, go to "Settings".
  2. Now scroll down and click "Storage".
  3. Under Miscellaneous section, tap the "Transfer data to SD card" option.

    Storage settings
  4. Now a pop up box will appear. Here you have to select the media files you want to move. Make sure to select all of them. You can also check the available space on SD card.

    Transfer data to SD card
  5. When you're ready, tap the "Transfer" button.
This may take few seconds or a minute. So just wait and wait. You can check the progress in notification bar. Once they are moved successfully, you will notified.

Transferring data notification

Note that, this feature may not transfer all media files. As much as I know, it will transfer your screenshots and camera photos (or videos) only. 

While rest of the data (such as media files you've downloaded via apps) will remain there in the internal memory. You've to move them manually.

Tip: It's recommended to change the storage location of camera to SD card, so that new photos will be saved there automatically.

2. Using File Manager App

Almost every Android smartphone comes with default inbuilt File Manager that can be used to Move, Copy, or Delete Files and Data on android. 
  1. Locate and launch your Android file manager app.
  2. Now select internal memory. 
  3. Navigate to the data you want transfer to SD. 
  4. Mark them one by one or select All
  5. Click Move option 
  6. Now select SD card location and move
So this is how you can easily transfer the data from internal memory of your Android phone to the SD card. If you've any questions, don't forget to ask me in the comments.

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