How to Fix System UI has Stopped Error on Android

Many Android users experience lots of problems on their android device these days among the issues are “Unfortunately System UI has stopped working”, “Unfortunately Gallery has stopped working”, has stopped e.t.c. When you face this issue, you are left with no other option except the OK button. The android device would restart and after a while Unfortunately, System UI has stopped working still pops up again and again.

The UI keeps crashing and you can’t help it. It gets really frustrating, I know! but in this article, I will be sharing the reason behind this error and how to fix Unfortunately System UI has stopped working on android and other related issues permanently.

So we would start by checking for the actual reason behind the Unfortunately, the process has stopped error.

This Error message is mostly common on android devices. This error use to display a pop-up notification saying “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped”. When this happen , your smartphone will be less responsive, and some of your apps will seize to work.

This mostly happen due to so many reasons e.g recent app updates, Google app update or third party installation.So long you are using an Android device, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Xiaomi etc, you may experience this error and here is a simple fix below;

How to Fix System UI has stopped Error:

There are many way of fixing this error message but in most cases, the first method is recorded because it has helped fix
  1. Restart Your Device: with a simple restart, the error is fixed without the need for any other solution. So before you go ahead with any solution try out to see if the Error still persists and based on that you can go ahead with the other solutions mentioned below.
  2. Uninstall Google Update:Go to Settings –> then tap on Application Manager or App -> search for Google App and tap on it -> now tap on Uninstall updates option to stop the updates. Restart your Android device and check if the Error is fixed or not.

Method 1:

1. Navigate to your device Settings,
2. Select Applications, tap on Menu,
3. Select Show system application in pull-down menu;
4. Then find System Interface among all applications. In Memory section perform clearing all data and cache.
Restart your device and everything should be back to normal

Perform a factory data reset

If you still experience the same issue then you may consider doing a factory reset.

It’d definitely fix your Unfortunately System UI has stopped working error. But do make sure you have tried the above listed steps correctly and properly because this last method would wipe all data and uninstall all applications on your android device.

You can backup important files like music, documents, videos e.t.c. to your Google drive, Cloud, One drive or PC.
To do a Factory reset, follow the steps listed below to fix Unfortunately System UI has stopped working error.

  • Go to settings> go to Reset options
  • Select Backup and Reset
  • A message would pop-up telling you that “This will erase all data from your phone’s internal storage, including:

-Your Google account
-System and app data and settings
-Downloaded apps
-Other user data”

  • Then proceed and click on Reset device
  • After the reset process must have been completed, your device will restart.

Now this is the most effective step on how to fix the Unfortunately System UI has stopped working error on most Android devices.

Reflash your android phone firmware

Although resetting your phone to factory default should solve the problem, but in some cases it doesn’t work, you may have to flash your phone’s firmware or ROM as it is the last solution I’d be sharing with you on how to fix the Unfortunately System UI has stopped working error.

Simply download the appropriate firmware for you Android device and flash it with the flash tool that is compatible with your phone.


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