What are the Specific Features of Li-Fi Technology?

Li-Fi is an abbreviated form of Light Fidelity. Connectivity is sprouting and the growth of LI-Fi proves it. The technology is considered as a Visible Light Communications (VLC) scheme. Li-fi is a latest technology that broadcasts data by the use of light. It is said to be the future of internet. It runs with wireless communications that pass through at very high speeds.

Generally, Li-Fi makes use of typical LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs to allow data move and it brags speeds of equal to 224 gigabits per second.

Li-Fi is a technology just like Wi-Fi and it states that it is 100 times quicker than standard Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is high pace bi-directional system and mobile communication of data by means of light. Li-Fi consists of manifold light bulbs that shape a wireless network. The technology presents a considerably the same user experience to Wi-Fi except for by dint of the light range. There are a lot of specific features that makes Li-Fi technology unique in the field.

Let’s take a look at the specific features of Li-Fi technology:

Many Benefits: 

Li-Fi features are many and these features make the technology different from other network choices. Some of the most notable features of Li-FI technology include capacity, competence, energy effectiveness, protection and security of a wireless system, etc. The technology generally comes with many key benefits over Wi-Fi. However, it is naturally a balancing and corresponding technology.

Modulate Intensity Of Light: 

One of the great features of the Li-Fi is that it modulates the intensity of light. If the intensity if light is high, it can make a bad effect on human eyes. Li-Fi lets data to broadcast by adjusting the intensity of light. The modulation of light is performed in a way that is not detectable to the human eye.

Runs on Visible Light: 

Another notable feature of LI-Fi is that it runs on visible light. Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are alike in nature and both the technology sends data electromagnetically. Li-Fi works on visible light while Wi-Fi bring into play radio waves. Have you ever imagined that light can help you to connect to the internet? With the LI-FI, you can connect to the internet by using the lights that illumine your homes, offices, cars or vehicles and even streets. You can connect to the data and meet your rising demand for data connectivity.

Work Indoors and Outdoors: 

Li-Fi is a podium or technology that will broaden the potentials of wireless communications. The best feature of Li-Fi is that it can function indoors and outdoors. Li-Fi offers high velocity, impenetrable and consistent networks. Li-Fi is a type of Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) which usually consists of infra-red and ultra-violet communications along with visible light.


Efficiency is another feature that makes Li-Fi a top choice in the field. LED lights are broadly competent, and useful. Li-Fi gives these lights another use, that is, connectivity.

Other Features: 

it is Low cost because it requires fewer elements compared to radio technology. Energy is another important feature of LI-FI because LED illumination is competent and the data broadcast don’t have need of extra power.  Li-Fi offers better bandwidth, competence, connectivity and security.

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