How to Remove Auto Liker from Facebook Account Completely

We all may be familiar with Facebook auto likers and auto followers. These are trendy from past few years. In this unrealistic world, everyone want to show-off and social media is great platform for us. Especially Facebook where we judge people on the basis of Likes and comments they get and yeah it is true or real to some extent but not all the time.

Facebook allows you add only 5000 friends in a single account which is very large value. Moreover it provide follow option after this limit. By research and studies, its been found that a normal person can have only 200-250 friends. What most of the people do is they either send requests to unknown people or they use auto liker to get more likes on their status and photos, ultimate aiming to get fame.

Adding unknown friends one by one is a very long process and it is quite risky as Facebook can ban you from sending requests or may be permanently disable your account. So we are left with second option only, which is auto liker.

Now let me tell you about the strategy on which they work. In simple words, they works on "Like for Like" System. For instance, If 50 users are already using auto liker website and you ( that is 51st user ) register for it then all 50 users will automatically like your status or photo. Next time the sum total of all users will be 51 and this chain goes on and on. Each time a new user is added, a new like is generated from his side. So what is the main problem which you will face? Here goes explanation -

What problem did Facebook Auto Likers create?

This is the main question which every Facebook user must know. Even those which aren't using auto likers yet. As already mentioned, they works on like for like system. Means every registered user will like each other photos or status whenever any of them request it using auto liker website. They even work in background and behind your presence. You have no idea on how your account is being used. Some of problems that you usually face after using autoliker are listed below -
  • liking and commenting unknown photos and status.
  • liking unknown pages and joining groups.
  • Posting on friends wall and groups to promote paid ads or their own website links.
  • Following unknown people, even from different countries.
All above mentioned cases are enough to proof that your account is hacked or it is out of control. You can check your activity log to find these malicious activities and if found any of them, you should immediately remove auto liker from your account. Now the question how to remove it?

How to Remove Auto Liker App From your Account

If you can Remember the first day you registered for auto liker. It asked you to allow app permission to your account. Apps are used to retrieve user data and store them. They also generate access token. What we need to do is simply remove the app and it will automatically disable all your account access to auto liker. Simply follow below steps -

1. Login to Facebook and move to settings.

2. From the left sidebar menu, choose apps.

Facebook App Settings

3. Now click on "Logged in with Facebook" option.

Remove Auto Liker App from Facebook

4. Here it will show a complete list of all apps you've enabled. Simply find one which you used to login while using auto liker for the first time. Usually it is "Nokia Account", "HTC Sense" or "Blackberry". I prefer to select those apps which are unknown for you.

5. Click the cross button next to selected app and a pop-up box will appear. Finally hit "Remove" button.

Remove Nokia Account Auto Liker App

Great! You have successfully done it.


After above steps you'll no longer like any photo or status of unknown people, neither you will post on groups or friends wall. For your satisfaction, wait for few days and check activity log time to time. Cross check all activities and match with your real one. Definitely you will find happiness on your face and that's what I want. Stay happy! Finally if you have any query or doubt, please let me know in comments.I

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