How to Share Data on 9mobile with 9mobile Data Share Code

Looking for how to share data on 9mobile or how to transfer data on 9mobile which is also how to transfer data on etisalat. This post will be explaining everything about 9mobile data share which also known as etisalat data share.

By following all illustrations and instructions below will successfully lead you to a successful way of sharing data to loved ones on 9mobile using the 9mobile data share code.

9mobile has made it possible to share your data with friends or family. You may also share your 9mobile data plan for business purpose and make quick cash.

Benefits of 9mobile SME Data Share

  • Manage your employee’s data
  • Buy data for the whole family
  • Buy cheaper and large 9mobile data plan and share
  • Does not require physical or WiFi connection
  • Saves power on your device
  • Auto-renewable, your friends are automatically connected when you subscribe to new 9mobile plans. 
  • Share your 9mobile or Etisalat data plans with your friends or other devices.

There are two ways to share data on 9mobile/Etisalat network, these are:

  • Data balance transfer
  • Multi-device plan

With 9mobile data transfer, you can share a limited data volume with others. You must change your default pin before using 9mobile transfer service and also create a pin before you can start sharing data with friends on 9mobile.

How to Change 9mobile Default Pin

  • First, you need to change your 9mobile data sharing pin.
  • The 9mobile default pin is 0000.
  • Dial the  *247*Old Pin*New Pin#.

For example, to change your pin from default 0000 to new pin 1234, dial *247*1234*0000#.

You can now use your pin for sharing 9mobile data.

How to Transfer Data on 9mobile

This section will be explaining how to share 9mobile data via Data Balance Transfer. The 9mobile data share code for data sharing is *229*Pin*Data Volume*Phone Number#.

To transfer 50MB to a phone number 08123456789, the 9mobile data share code will be:


You will receive a success message that the data transfer was successful. The recipient can now enjoy the data transferred to them. 

With 9mobile data sharing and 9mobile data share code, you can transfer data from any tariff plan, no migration is needed for data sharing.

How to Share 9mobile Data using Multi-Device Plan

This option allows you to share your existing data with other devices without transfer. All you have to do is to link up the accounts. You can share and link with up to 4 other devices on the 9mobile network. 

The device you subscribed with becomes your primary data device.

To enjoy this offer, you need:

  1. New data sim cards.
  2. PUK number on the new sim cards.

To get started, you need to change your default 9mobile pin as discussed above, then dial 9mobile data share code.

Dial *215*Pin*1*New number*New Sim PUK#

The 1 in red signifies the first SIM to be added or linked. To add a second, third or fourth sim, you should replace 1 with 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

You may also add a beneficiary number via SMS by sending:

add number 1 Pin NewPUK to 215

This offer is great for sharing data with your other devices such as your POS workers device, laptop and smart TVs.

9mobile Data Sharing Terms and Conditions

1. The minimum data transfer is 10MB and the maximum is 50MB
2. Your daily transfer quota is 250MB.
3. To transfer 9mobile data, you must have a minimum of 100MB 9mobile data balance.
4. Your source data subscription must be 200MB or higher. You cannot transfer data plans of less than 200MB value.
5. You cannot share data that was transferred to you.
6. Bonus or promo data cannot be shared with others.
7. You can share to a maximum of 4 people.

That was all you need to know about how to share data from 9mobile to 9mobile, Now you can share 9mobile data plans with your loved ones.

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