How to use Android app Whatsapp Facebook Skype on Pc

I know you will be surprise that is it possible to make use of Android app whatsapp, facebook, skype, snapchat etc on PC with only one app.. you all know we have different social media like twitter, whatsapp, facebook etc on android and they are all by them self, that is , they come on their own  but now you can use multi task and bring them together for use with one app on pc.

Android app Whatsapp

This can be done  by the use of .exe app which is called All in one messenger. With this you can start going on different  social media like whatsapp, facebook, twitter, skype, snapchat etc  on PC with one app”. You can be online of different social media with only this All in one messgenger. This app is really good for PC users , it cost nothing to get the app.

Before you download this app, I will show you the apps that are supported with this All in one messenger… Below are the app…

>Facebook Messenger





>Google Hangouts





> Slack




> Grape

> Discord

 > Flowdock

>Tencent QQ

> XMPP (Jabber)


 > Mattermost


> DingTalk

> Noysi

> BearyChat

> Missive

>Yahoo Messenger

> Zalo

> Crisp


Now, I have lisredy the apps that are supported with “all in one messenger”. How can you download it…..


>> Download All in One Messenger App HERE from 'Chrome Web Store'

>> launch the All in one messenger app

>> After that, add a new messenger in this app. For example here I chose "Facebook Messenger".

>> Now login with your Facebook Account details

That ‘s all for facebook, start enjoying your facebook chat with all in one messgenger on your pc, Note that you can still open another social media there and log in also.

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