The number of attempted child abductions increased in recent times; how can we reduce them?

With increasing, awareness parents have been reporting many attempted abductions where they have felt that their kids’ safety has been challenged or compromised. Only recently, the police were called three times separately within the same day to report attempted abductions with three different parents. There’s only so much that parents can do when their kids’ safety is threatened. However, with the added help from technological interventions today, parents can up their kids’ protection almost tenfold without putting in much effort. Monitoring applications have made life much simpler and safer today. Here’s how parents can use TheOneSpy monitoring application to make sure their kid's safety is never again threatened.

Know their physical location at all times:
Young kids today are found using technological devices these days. Parents tend to allow kids some screen time in order to get them acquainted with educational sites and activities. However most of the time this allotted screen time is abused and kids can be found using these devices for as long as 4 hours a day. On another tangent, there are also older kids who are addicted to their gadgets. This being said, it is pretty obvious that in today’s era you will come across children using gadgets from every age and every background. Hence, installing monitoring applications has become very easy and parents can easily track down their kids with the help of their spying applications. This feature is by far the best one for parents who are trying to look out for their independent teens.
There are a number of ways parents can use this feature:

  •       Track their exact GPS location
  •       Get notifications if the present geo-boundary is breached
  •       Get timely geotags.

Be aware of online villains:
Kids not only lack the knowledge but also lack the experience to adequately distinguish red flags online from regular ones. However, monitoring applications allow parents to easily keep track of their kid's online activities and correspondences in case their safety is being threatened online. Here are a bunch of avenues that parents can keep an eye on today;

  •       Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts
  •       Messengers; IMs, SnapChat, WhatsApp and regular phone SMS systems
  •       Email accounts like Gmail and Hotmail
  •       Chat rooms
These online avenues are easy places where villains can attract easy prey and exploit them. Cybercrime has increased tenfold from its inception parents need to be careful of the threats their kids can be exposed to.

  • Bug their phone:
No matter where your kids are you can easily become aware of their surroundings. Monitoring applications tend to empower parents and give them control over their kids’ surroundings. Basically, with spying applications, you can bug your kids’ gadget and become aware of the following;

  •       Camera bugging:
This feature allows parents to check their kids’ surroundings without them knowing. Basically with the camera bugged the parents can have a clear visual of everything happening around their kids. With the location tracking feature, the parents can know the GPS location of the kid, but the camera bugging feature allows parents to make sure that the location is actually safe and there are no known threats around.

  •  Mic bugging:
Mic bugging allows parents to hear every conversation taking place around them. This feature is also great for call interception and parents can know every converstai8on that their kids have with anyone outside of their known circle.

  •       Recording surrounding sounds and images:
Occasionally it is difficult for parents to keep a regular check on their kids however with monitoring applications, they don’t have to worry about that because all the footage and audio being captured is actually getting stored on an online cloud which means parents can access this storage space at their discretion and know about their kids whereabouts other than their GPS location.

Abductions, kidnappings, sexual abuse and more were once upon a time vaguely talked about. However, with the recent change in times such crimes, especially against children, have drastically increased hence putting parents at a greater disadvantage than before. But with the increase in crime rate, there has also been an increase in technological advancements. Spying applications have revolutionized safety precautions and changed the way parents once thought they could protect their kids. Using them in the day to day workings has only benefitted parents than putting them at a disadvantage.

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