How to Use Reverse Image Search on Google 2019

Google Reverse Image Search allows you to search on Google with Image or Picture instead of keywords. Upload a picture from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and Google will show all the other web pages on the Internet that have similar images.

Reverse Search is useful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsApp images, screenshots and memes. Tinder and Facebook users have used "Search by Image" to research profile pictures of their potential dates while travelers use it for finding the photo's location.

You can do Reverse Image Search on mobile or PC depending on
what is convenient for you without installing any applications.

How to Use Reverse Image search on Google

1.Go to on PC and if you are using a Mobile Phone, open same url using Google chrome, request for desktop site as seen below

2. Wait for the page to finish loading, you should have something like this

3. Click on the camera icon

4. Click on the image upload tab and choose your desire image to upload from your directory.

Once the image finish uploading, it will bring you the best search result.

You don't need any app to perform this search.

You can also Use Reverse Image Search on Facebook.

Just follow the steps given below;

#1. Right-click on a Facebook image in your Web browser and select "Properties" from the
drop-down menu.
#2. Locate the "Address: (URL)" section and write down the second to last number. It
should look like: 5102898
#3. Replace "ProfileID" in the following URL with the number that you copied: This results in a URL of: https://
#4. Copy the URL that you created in Step 3 and paste it into your Web browser. Press
"Enter" to access the user's Facebook profile
#5.Warning You may have to be logged in to your Facebook account to
access a user's profile.

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