How to Open Bitcoin Account, Double Your Bitcoin and Convert it to Cash

Bitcoin is a digital CryptoCurrency ryptoCurrency whose value keep appreciating. You can receive bitcoin or use bitcoin to pay for an item online. So Today I’m going to show you how to open your own digital bank, free bitcoin address.

What is bitcoin address:
A Bitcoin address is a single-use token. Like e-mail addresses, you can send bitcoins to a person by sending bitcoins to one of their addresses. Bitcoin address is like your bank account number, which you can use to receive money from other recipients.

However, unlike e-mail addresses, people have many different Bitcoin addresses and a unique address should be used for each transaction.

How Can I Get A free Bitcoin Account?

There are many services that provided this services for like Bitx, Coinbase etc but on this platform, I’ll be making use of Blockchain.

Step 1: go to and click on wallet

Step 2: click on wallet and you’ll be presented with the image below

Step 3: Fill it and activate it via the link that will be send to your email address.

Step 4: Login and go straight to your Security Center (Set up the necessary details and your back up)

Step 5: Click on receive and you’ll see your bitcoin address. To receive money from anyone using bitcoin, send them that address and you are good to go.

Step 6: To send money to someone from your bitcoin, click on send, and you’ll see the option to place the receiver bitcoin address, specify the amount you want to send in $ and hit the send button.

How Can I Convert My Bitcoin to Physical Cash?
This is not a problem at all, you’ll always see people that want to buy your bitcoin from you everyday. To easily convert it to physical cash without worrying too much on how to get who to buy it from you, go to and sign up.

Once you are signed up, upload your Proof of ID, Wait to be verified
The rest is a work through steps

Another option is to go to, sign up and you are good to go. Don't forget to hit the share and tweet button below.

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