How to identify Nissan xterra 4.0 engine number 2019

How to identify xterra engine number
This has been a viral question if
the Nissan product xterra 2008 model has an engine number
this has generate several argument
between so many people , which has pushed
 us into an advanced search if the Nissan product xterra 2008 model
have an engine number. and we have arrive
 with a conclusive answer that YES the 2008 model
 xterra has an engine number that is located
 inside the engine room by the passenger's side of the car

 How to identify the engine number

 The Nissan motor product xterra, 2008 model with 4.0 engine capacity,
 engine number is located at the back side
of the engine between the gearbox and the
 engine and it's at the right hand side

 Procedures on how to locate the engine number 
of the 2008 Nissan xterra 

* remove the air filter gently and
lose out the air flow meter box

 * disconnect all the water pipe and nossel circuit

 * disconnect all the circuit connected to the injector box
 i-e the intake manifold * then remove the injector manifold gently

Note: after doing this check by the right hand side of the engine there you will see the engine number written

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