How to Get 500MB for N100 with MTN Quick WinD

The MTN quick WinD is now the cheapest MTN data plan at the moment. With just N100, you will get 500mb which is valid for 7days. It works on all internet enabled smartphone and can be used anytime without any limitation.

The MTN quick WinD data plan has been around since 2016 so it's not a new plan. The only reason why the plan is not popular is because it works only on some selected MTN Sims.

How to Get 500mb for N100 with MTN Quick WinD

#1. Make sure you have at least N100 on your MTN line.
#2. Dial *446*11*4*7*5#.
#3. If you are eligible, N100 will be deducted from your line and you will be credited with 500mb.

How to Check Your Balance

If you want to check your balance, Dial *131*4# or *559#

NOTE: As I said earlier, this plan only works​ on eligible MTN Sims. If you get the message,

"Y’ello, your subscription to Quick WinD 500MB fails",

It means your SIM is not eligible. Just get another MTN sim and try again.

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