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WhatsApp has recently completed 1-billion users. It has now become one of the fastest mode of communication in many countries. It has got many new features in the past few months that one should know about.

New whatsapp features

Below are the new whatsapp features you should know

1. Document Sharing: New update of WhatsApp has added the document sharing feature on Android smartphones. Currently this feature allows users to share only PDF files, but there is no support for .doc, .xls and other commonly used file formats as of now, neither company has given any deadline to provide it.

How to: In order to share files, users need to tap the attachment icon on the top right of the screen in a chat window and select the 'Document' option. This opens a list of PDF files stored in the system, but the navigation will not allow you to open specific folders.

2. Cloud Integration in iOS : WhatsApp has released an update for iPhones that adds new features like sending files from Google Drive and Dropbox as well as lets users zoom in on videos as they play.

One big feature of this update (v 2.12.14) is the integration of iCloud Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive etc to send files to other contacts. This means that users can send photos and videos stored in cloud storage services directly from WhatsApp. However, other files stored in the cloud, like Excel sheets or Word documents, still cannot be sent via WhatsApp.

3. Increase limit of Group members: WhatsApp recently increased the number of users one can have in a group to 256 from 100. Same is applicable to both, android and iOS.

4. Shared link, history tab : Every WhatsApp conversation thread has a media screen that aggregates all our content such as videos, links and images, which have been sent and received by a user. A new update gives users a quick glance at all these media and text exchanged. It brings a shared links history tab that contains all the shared links sent and received by the user arranged in a reverse chronological order. The link in the tab shows the media at the top and messages at the bottom.

Tapping the preview in the upper part of the screen quickly opens the link in the browser, while tapping at the bottom leads the user to the message that he/she can share, delete or star directly from here.

5. Pinch to zoom videos: This one is for iOS users. With the new update iOS users can 'pinch to zoom' on videos, while it is playing in WhatsApp.

6. Become a WhatsApp 'tester' : WhatsApp recently launched a beta tester programme. Once signed, as a tester, you will receive an update that includes a testing version of the WhatsApp Messenger app. However, as with all beta versions, these features too may be unstable or have a few bugs. However, so far the programme is only for Android users.

7. Keep starred messages while clearing chat : This feature gives you more flexibility while deleting your chats. So far, Android users have the option to delete messages older than 30 days or over 6 months. However, often felt if you could save some of these. You have the option now: Users can keep starred messages while clearing chats. This version is so far in beta mode.

If you know any other, please add it in the comment section. Please feel free to share with your friends!

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