How To Fix Delayed Bitcoin Confirmation Transaction

As Bitcoin becomes more and more prominent in the crypto-currency world and its value continue to rise day in day out, more and more transactions are continuously being carried in the different Bitcoin Block networks.

Whenever Bitcoin transactions are carried out, in order to verify the authenticity of the transactions, stakeholders in the Bitcoin world that often source/mine Bitcoins popularly called miners often confirm such transactions ranging in numbers of 1 confirmation to multiple confirmations.

As such, a Bitcoin transaction that is yet to get at least a single confirmation from those miners cannot be conclusively tagged a successful transaction because there are some situations whereby after some period of non-confirmation, the transaction is reverted.

Now, a concern or question might be raised on why some Bitcoin transactions are often delayed to be confirmed by miners, because sometimes these delays in confirmation can last for hours and in some occasions days or even weeks.

But there are many reasons behind the delay or in some cases non-confirmation of Bitcoin transactions and some of these reasons can range from low transaction fees, personal interest, politics, greed and host of others amongst the players in the Bitcoin crypto network.

Whichever is the case, our aim and mission today is to provide you with a genuine work around means in which you can accelerate/quicken your delayed Bitcoin confirmation transactions and get it confirmed in no time.

Without further ado, below are the steps you can take in order to fix your delayed Bitcoin confirmation

  • With your  phone or PC browser, Visit
  • Click the menu , the three lines located at the top right corner to drop it down
  • Locate and select “Tools”
  • An pop up announcement page will come up, simply close it
  • Insert your Bitcoin Transaction ID and the captcha in the spaces provided
  • Click on Submit
Take note, at the click of the submit button, you might notice a reply message telling you “Submissions are beyond limit, please try again later”, so it is always advisable to carry out those steps above at the top of the hour, for example exactly 12noon,  1 ‘O’clock, 2 ‘O’clock and like that.

Continue repeating the last two steps above until it shows “Acceleration Succeeded”, and then finally wait for some few hour(s) and your Bitcoin Transaction will at least get 1 confirmation (1/3), signalling a successful transaction.

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