Too much Facebook, Instagram, can make you depressed - NOUN VC

According to the Vice-Chancellor of the National Open University of Nigeria, Prof. Abdalla Adamu, high-level depression can be attributed to addiction to social media platforms.

He spoke at the celebration of this year’s World Health Organisation Day on Friday in Abuja.

“I am not a psychiatrist neither am I a psychologist but I know that money can cure depression at the lower level; when people do not have money, they are depressed.

“At the higher level, they have all the money but they do not communicate.

“Go to a rich home and you will see that they are not talking to one another; everybody is on Snap chat, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, among others.

“Experts should develop a way of teaching people how to effectively use the social media to avoid alienation and its attendant depression,’’ he said.

He listed some of the causes of depression as poverty, unemployment, alcohol abuse, emotional problems and loss of a loved one.

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