How to Cancel Sent Friend Request On Facebook 2020

Facebook is a Great social networking site, it allows you to send friend requests to other Facebook users and also accept friend request from other Facebook users. If not friends then there is no Facebook in the world. It is running just like a chain with the power of friendship.

So in this article am going to show you how to cancel sent friend request on facebook with Android and PC. If you have sent a friend request to any unknown person in error, you can cancel the request easily using your Android smartphone or PC.

While cancelling the friend request on Facebook, always remember that automatically enables Follow option you will be in his/her Followers’ list even after you have cancelled the request. In order to un-follow the person, you must click/tap the ‘Following’ button which works as toggle and click unfollow to remove you from the person’s ‘Followers’ list.

How to Cancel Sent Friend Request On Facebook With Android

For you to be able to do this, You have to download and install the latest facebook android app
  • Open your App Drawer, locate and launch the latest facebook app
  • Login to your account and click on find friends and start adding freinds
  • Untill You execed the maximum sent request which is 1000
  • You will see a pop up Notification " Can't Send Friend Request"
  • On the Next Window You Will see pending request
  • Start click UNDO to cancel the request
  • Visit HERE With your facebook app to view pending request immediatly



If you have a PC and you want to cancel sent friend request on facebook, all you have to do is to launch your web browser and visit and login to your Facebook account. 
  • Locate the Friend Icon on the Upper right corner of Facebook, then click it
  • Click on FIND FRIENDS
  • On the Next Screen Click on VIEW SENT REQUESTS 

  • You will you pending sent friend requests
  • Move the cursor point to “Friend request sent” button. (A small popup window will appear. ) Then click CANCEL REQUEST from the popup window.

You can visit to quickly see your pending sent friend request on your PC web browser or Switch your mobile browser to PC mode. This method is very Slow.

So this is all on how to cancel sent friend request on facebook, either with your Android Smartphone or your PC web Browser. Tell us If It works for you, also drop your comments and questions below.

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