Samsung Set To Unleash Galaxy Note 8

We all know that the upcoming device from Samsung will be Galaxy S8 and it is about to bring some new and extraordinary features. However, there were few rumors surrounding on the internet regarding Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy note 8

This phablet would be the star of Samsung, but has proved to be a nightmare and a stain on the image of the firm. However, the South Korean giant is determined to not abandon the Note range, and in this 2019 will see the arrival of a Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was the hottest Android smartphone that the world had seen until it went up in flames. So, there are few rumors which suggest that Samsung is going to introduce some major changes in their upcoming Note lineup.

Of course, the most anticipated phone of this year of the firm is the Galaxy S8. According to the latest information, it will be presented on April 18 in New York. In addition, as we told you today, it is highly likely to see a preview of the S8 at the Mobile World Congress, to be held in Barcelona in late February.

Some reports suggest that instead of two Galaxy Note 8 S8 will come with huge curved screens. We know that indeed there will be variants and that their screens will be larger than the S7, but the rumor that is gaining more strength is that the Galaxy Note family does not die and finally yes we will see the arrival of the successor of phablet to the throne Left empty Note 7.

A detail of speaking to the latest information and could be perfectly possible is that the Note 8 could have 4K resolution. Given that the Galaxy S8 will stay in 2K, it is very likely that the company wants to focus its next phablet to virtual reality. With a 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), Samsung would seek to offer a much better by introducing the Note 8 in the VR helmets experience.

Little is known at the moment regarding the specifications of Galaxy Note 8 but is expected to be departure during the second half of the year, as is customary in this line. It is also expected integration in Note 8 features such as artificial intelligence virtual assistant Bixby, premiering in the S8 and compete against the Siri or Google. So, what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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